Discover More About the origins of our company

Lowcountry Jetboat Adventures brings a one-of-a-kind thrill ride to Charleston, but the Carolina roots run deep.

Captain Matthew Pounds was born in Clayton, NC, and grew up enjoying the waters of Emerald Isle. After a bit of wanderlust, he joined the USCG in 2017. His initial tour was in Juneau, AK before being assigned to the USCG Cutter James in North Charleston.

He reported to the James as a Boatswain’s Mate, shortly after attending Coast Guards Non-Compliant Vessel Pursuit school. There, he trained to be a Pursuit Coxswain, becoming an asset to the Coast Guard’s counterdrug mission. The rigorous training prepared him for success in over 250 hours of noncompliant vessel pursuits, detention in over 65 suspected narcotics traffickers, and the seizure of over 20,000 kilograms of cocaine among other illegal drugs.

Proudly serving until November of 2021, he decided to continue his passion and skills on the water, but to a public venue. With the purchase of his 11-passenger Smoky Mountain Jetboat, Lowcountry Jetboat Adventures was a reality. This vessel will perform just as the pursuit boats he masterfully operated on the open waters while deployed with the James.

Captain Matt will be bringing an unmatched thrill ride to the Charleston area and looks forward to fulfilling your inner desire for a fast-paced, heart-racing experience.

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war boat